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Interviewer - What effect does it have on you to see these faces again?

Primo Levi - Everything is different now. More than 40 years have gone by. The Poland of that time was coming out of 5 years of a terrifying war. It was the country which suffered the most, which had the greatest number of victims, not only Jews. And also, in these 40 years the world has renewed itself everywhere.

I've traveled in these parts in winter and the difference is total because the Polish winter was and is harsh. Not like the one we were used to in Italy. Snow lasts 3-4 months and we were inept, unable to endure the Polish winter, both during internment and also later.

I've traveled in these places as a lost, misplaced person, searching for a center, for someone who would take me in, and truly it was a desolate landscape.

moments of reprieve

cover design: Paul Gamarello
cover photo: Elliot Erwitt
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