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musical TRAINING

President, Child Matters

Teacher of Orchestral Music in Day High School
New York City P.S.106M, 1993-1995

Computer Music: course design & workshops
Art for Change, Special Ed/Effective Teaching, 1993-1994

Composer, producer, sound designer & Internet programmer

Teacher: programming, MIDI & sound design

Creative Electronic Associate
Ciani/Musica, Inc. New York, 1987-1990

Certified Teacher, Music Composition in vocational schools
Tel Aviv University, Israel, 1986

Bachelor of Music, Composition
The Rubin Academy of Music, Tel Aviv University, 1986

NED Synclavier Digital Music Systems programmer
since 1984

Music journalist and radio correspondent

since 1970

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selected classical COMPOSITIONS

to scratch an angel
for soloists, choir & orchestra

wiping ceramic tiles
for countertenor and piano

Anticipating The Past
for string quartet, live electronics & tape

Five Mixed Moods
English hrn/oboe, tpt, tbn & pno

Happiness IS...
5 movements for 5 singers

In The Desert
voice & piano, to a poem by Stephen Crane

Lot’s Daughters And Their Father
a mini-opera

Love's Face
for piano

Putting The IF Back In LIFE

R/S - ReSettlement

Loving A Distant Artist
brass quintet & string quartet versions

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The Actors Studio

The Benefits Of Doubt
The Actors Studio

Arm Patrol
in John Kelly’s "Perfect Stranger"

Zoo Pradiso
The Actors Studio

The Lower Depths
after Maxim Gorky, The Actors Studio

Chronically HERE
Tai Dang

The Water Hen
Stanislav Witkiewicz, Playground Theater

Down The Shore & Dad’s Shuttle
William H. Macy directing, The Atlantic Theatre

As You Like It
William Shakespeare, TAU Theater

A Prince In Three Parts
Marit Ben-Israel, The International Israel Festival

A. Shoshner, Acre Fringe Theater Festival

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LAKE and other monochrome dances
Fourworks Company

SHATTERED, hymns for mortal creatures
Muna Tseng Dance Projects

Head Games
Marijeanne Liederbach

Spirit Ruins
Muna Tseng Dance Projects

Jacob’s Dream
Rina Schenfeld Dance Theater

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Have Red Ever Green
Tai Dang, Dancing In The Streets 1996

The Falling Cow
with Tai Dang, 1993

RE... to be continued
after The Tibetan Book of the Dead, 1992

The Waste Land, part 1
after T.S. Eliot, 1991

Feared & Frightened
taped, 1989

The Man I Love
video, 1987

live & video, 1985

Ten Minutes
live & slides, 1985

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Incident At Oglala
Michael Apted, director; Robert Redford, producer

The Contenders
w/Dave Yazbek; Milos Forman, executive producer

HandPrints, The Lacandon Indians
Linda Carpel, director

The Secret Integration
Trisha Cooke, director

Gargoyle & Goblin
David Bourla, director

Overnight Success
Richard Schenkman. director

Caracol: The Lost Maya City
Robert Schyberg, director

Ayelet Menahemi, director

Tel Aviv Stories
Ayelet Menahemi, director

Nothing Works
Dovya Friedman, director

The Transparent House
Ayelet Menahemi, director

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Talking Pictures
Hi-Definition TV NHK/Japan - Rebo Studio/NY Production

Eureeka’s Castle
Nickelodeon/MTV, a Noyes/Laybourne Production

Passage To Vietnam

The White House: Inside With The President’s Photographers

The Woman In Gray
action TV series

Medicine Without Frontiers

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Once Upon A Potty
audiobook series, HarperCollins

Once Upon A Potty
animated video, Ray Seti, director

R.L. Stine’s Ghosts Of Fear Street
audiobook series, Simon & Schuster

Ben & Jerry’s Double Dip
Simon & Schuster Audio

Leah Rabin: Our Life, His Legacy
Simon & Schuster Audio

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The Ocean Of Love
Baby Matters Records

Bi Cameral Records

Tiny Great Composers
a multi-media series, for pre-schoolers

with Suzanne Ciani; Private Music Records

The Life Of Beethoven
Bi Cameral Records

The Life Of Mozart
Bi Cameral Records

UNICEF World Relief Fund theme
arranger for Byron Janis

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Margaret Jory Copying Assistance Grant
The American Music Center, 2001 - to scratch an angel

Composition Award
Dutka Art Foundation, 2000 - danceWorks

Extraordinary Audio Accomplishment
Parents’ Choice, 1997 - The Ocean Of Love

Outstanding From A Learning Perspective
Parent Council, 1997 - The Ocean of Love

Excellence in Music
First Run Film Festival, New York, 1991 - Nothing Works

ACE Award
National Academy of Cable Programming, 1990 - Eureeka’s Castle

Best Children’s Programming
Parents’ Choice, 1990 - Eureeka’s Castle

Prix de la Musique Electroacoustique
Bourges Int’l Festival, France, 1989 - Feared & Frightened

Bronze Medal
International Film & TV Festival of New York, 1989 - Eureeka’s Castle

Best Children’s Video
Parent’s Choice, 1991 - Once Upon A Potty

Grammy Award nomination
Best New Age Performance, 1988 - Neverland

Bronze Medal
International Film & TV Festival of New York, 1987 - Caracol

First Prize
The International Jerusalem Film Festival, 1988 - Crows

Certificate of Merit
The Chicago International Film Festival, 1987 - Crows

Composition prize
Academy of Music, 1986 - Lot’s Daughters & Their Father

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Princeton University
New Jersey, October ‘92

CSC Theater
New York, February ‘92

The Kitchen
New York, December 1991

Dia Center for the Arts
New York, Nov.’91

SummerStage, Central Park
New York, July ‘91

The Purcell Room, Royal Festival Hall
London, May ‘91

Washington Square Church
New York, April ‘88

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Opera America
since 1998

The American Music Center
since 1991

since 1989

American Federation of Musicians
since 1987

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Shakespeare text/music project
with Fiona Shaw

Triptych #1
for soprano, countertenor, ancient music ensemble

for soprano & piano

Poems from Captured Documents
based on Vietnamese poetry

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